I like knitting and awkward sweaters. But you will find other things here.


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This dress is eeeeeeverything.

Dress ~ Modcloth (3x)
Shoes ~ Modcloth (11)
Bow ~ LoliMillie via Etsy
Lips ~ Flower Beauty Lip Service in Wispy Wisteria 


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Protest at Morris Knolls HS: Dress code promotes 'rape culture'


An image of text distributed on Twitter by the @KnollsHeads account (which is not affiliated with the school) and others says students were “baring our shoulders to expose the truth.”

"Our dress code bans ‘suggestive clothing,’ which perpetuates the myth that women are raped because of what…

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if my eyes look sad in this, it’s because the sun was burning them.  also, outfits where I go braless are my favorite outfits.

Crop Top ~ ASOS (US 12)
Skirt ~ Dorothy Perkins (US 18)
Shoes ~ Torrid (11)
Flower Crown ~ GarlandsofEllfi
Ring ~ Etsy

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Bettie Page


Bettie Page

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